Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK is diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer   Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK who has always been in news for his controversial tweets and criticizing Bollywood celebrities has been diagnosed with stage 3 Stomach Cancer. A press release posted by the official Twitter handle of KRK box office with id @KRKBoxOffice stated the information to its followers about KRK’s(Kamaal Rashid Khan)  health condition. He said it has been confirmed that he has stomach cancer and it’s Read more […]

Indian Diet Plan to Lose Weight It’s all about knowing more about the right Indian diet plan to lose weight. No matter whichever diet you chose,  you need to eat fewer calories than your body burns to lose weight. A vegetarian Indian diet is filled with foods that are rich in nutrients and high in satiating fibre and hence it makes a good choice as far as diets go. You can still overdo it with calories if you are not careful about the quantity you are consuming. Knowing the right way of consuming a Read more […]

Nowadays people are looking for the easiest and the fastest ways to lose as much weight as possible. There are now many ways to lose weight. From oils to pills to powders and green teas all are in great demand just to make people thinner and thinner. Most of them either do work but carry a number of side effects along with them which are of no help in the long run or they are just useless and wastage of a lot of money. The reason for not getting the desired results is that God has created each Read more […]

How to face and learn from failures and disappointments!   Imagine you are going all perfect, things are just so smooth and you are at the peak of your perfections. Getting appreciated every now and then, fully confident about whatever you would be doing would fall perfectly into place always as you are sure about doing things thoughtfully and wise enough to make decisions.  Then you expect everything to happen in a specific manner but it comes out awfully wrong. That moment when this Read more […]

Fasting and it’s Benefits From the time we are born, the first things we are introduced to is milk and then food. This sequence of eating goes on and on forever both for pleasure and survival. The act of refraining oneself willingly from eating any kind of food for a certain time frame is called fasting. It can be defined further as a procedure just like sometimes we stop working on some day and we decide to clean our house rather. In the same way, once in a while we decide not eat anything Read more […]