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Introducing A. O. Smith's new X2 (UV +UF) Water Purifier. This UV purifier is best suitable for municipal treated water supply (TDS less than 200ppm and hardness less than 120ppm). It is a beautifully crafted sleek design which makes it easily fit into kitchen cabinets and its beautiful look complements the modern kitchen interior as well.X2 is UV with UF (Ultra-fine) which ensures double protection. It has 5 stages of UV+UF purification system which ensure you get water the way it was meant to be Fresh, clean and good for you. In X2 water is passed through sediment filter , Fine sediment filter , Carbon filter , UV and UF. UV rays disinfects the water by eliminating water-borne disease-causing microorganisms like bacteria and virus, making it healthy for drinking.


A.O.Smith X2 5 Litre UV (Ultra Violet) + UF(Ultra Fine) 5 Litre Water Purifier

  • 1. Purity through 5 stage purification- 5S TECHNOLOGY: Sediment filter + Fine Sediment + Carbon block + UV lamp + UF (Ultra Fine)

    2. UV (Ultra violet) + UF (Ultra fine)

    3. Storage Capacity- Purified water storage capacity of 5 litres to quench your thirst.

    4. Digital Display- Digital display for simple and intelligent display of information.

    5. Dual Color Design- X2 is a beautifully crafted sleek design with dynamic dual colour.

    6. UV Life Alert- Indicate in advance when the UV lamp needs to be changed.


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