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Engineered to perfection with a smooth chrome finish, our single-blade Precision Safety Razor is beautiful to behold. Generous weight and impeccable design make it effortless to use making it ideal for beginners. The razor comes with Japanese-engineered Feather blades that cut cleanly through facial hair. A truly comfortable shaving experience for normal or sensitive skin types.

The razor comes packaged in a premium gift box to present to the men in your life - your Dad for Father's Day, your husband for your wedding anniversary or even your friend or brother for their birthday. Maximum Shelf Life: 24 Months

Bombay Shaving Company Precision Safety Razor + 10 Platinum Coated Feather Blade

  • 1. Precision Safety Razor System- Designed the way razors were supposed to be: sharp and heavy. Generously weighted to ensure a smooth glide with your hand gently guiding it along the grain. Nickel-chrome finish Precision-Safety Razor crafted from metal for the perfect heft with an aggressive clamp setting and a protective razor sheath. Also contains 10 Japanese-engineered Feather stainless steel blades.

    2. One-stroke Shave- Cuts hair cleanly, promoting uniform hair growth.

    3. Skin Friendly- Better for the skin; eliminating nicks, cuts, razor bumps and irritation.

    4. Ergonomic Design- Sturdy grip and perfect heft for a gravity assisted glide.

    5. Cost Effective- Economical in the long-run. A single blade delivers 3–5 shaves.

    6. Feather Stainless Blades- Platinum coated stainless steel blades known to shaving purists as the sharpest on earth. Designed by the Japanese – masters of the sword – each blade delivers 3-­5 shaves, if used with proper care.

    7. Aggressive Clamp- An aggressive setting for your razor that improves cutting efficiency. Designed to deliver a closer shave for thicker whiskers. Handle with care.

    8. Razor Sheath- Protects your razor and your fingers between shaves. Slide it up the razor stem and push up till it snaps into place. Pull down to release. Do not grip the edges while sliding it on or off the razor.

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