• New generation design. This Grin Health is a fashion-focused unique that makes you look great.   

  • SIZE GUIDE : M - (35- 65 Kg), L - (49- 72 Kg), XL - (75+ Kg)

  • NEW N99 Anti Pollution Mask THE ERGONOMIC PROTECTION: EN 149:2001 89/686/EEC.

  • Features 6 different layers, 1 -under the first layer of outer fabric, 5 more layers ( 2 grey layer of non-woven melt-blown polypropylene + 1 black color high grade activated carbon layer + white color 2 layers of AirSaftyHEPA + 1 microfiber layer.)

  • N-Series ≥99 AirSaftyHEPA

  • Valve: 1 Valves

  • Superior N99 AirSaftyHEPA protection using 5- micro-layers technology + 1 high-grade carbon layer and AirSaftyHEPA system.

  • Padded adjustable nose bridge for better and comfort fit, easier breathing and speaking. Convenient over ear straps for easy on and off.

  • Long storage shelf life of 5 years.

  • GHAirVALVE - Advanced one way exhale valves.

  • Breather valve alleviates pressure buildup behind the mask.

  • Easy breathing and speaking. 

  • It has 1 valve.

  • Suitable for unisex adults (both men and women) wearing at household, workspace, outdoor, or traveling.

  • Good looking this will stay beautiful longer and multiple/reuse.

Grin Health N99 Anti Pollution Reusable Washable Mask with 6 Layer Protection

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  • This anti-pollution mask by Grin Health is a popular choice in the Indian market when it comes to buying an N99 mask. It is made of 4 layers of filters including an activated carbon 2.5pm filter for effectively filtering the air that passes through it. This mask will protect you from the particles that are released by automobiles, industrial pollution, dust, microorganisms and more. This mask is comfortable to wear and has a breathing valve allowing you to comfortably wear it even for long. When you feel that the mask is too dirty, you can easily wash and start using it again.


    It is highly recommendable for daily use.


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