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Havells, a trustworthy name for electronic appliances in india, offers a wide selection of dry irons that are made using the best materials backed by advanced technology. These dry irons are ergonomically designed for a better grip. You can check for different models and prices online. Havells dry iron range comes in many color and wattage options. Now, leave all your ironing worries to havells. Its dry iron range will keep your favourite pair of trousers, or those pretty kids’ garments, look new for longer. Its aerodynamic design makes ironing easier for tricky areas like button groove, etc. Havells dry iron comes with a cord winder, which makes it easy to use as well as store.


Havells Glydo 1000 Watt Dry Iron (Charcoal Blue)

  • 1. Glydo 1000-Watt Dry Iron by Havells- When you begin ironing, you set up the ironing board, heat the iron and glide your way across tough spots such as buttons and collars. At times, you have to rush out in that wrinkled shirt. You can save yourself from all of this trouble by using this dry iron to make ironing both easy and interesting. It has all the functionalities needed for quick and trouble-free ironing, from non-stick sole plate, temperature control dial, cord winder to pilot light, 360-degree swivel and a classy aerodynamic design.

    2. Features a non-stick coating on sole plate- The non-stick coating on the sole plate is a thick, triangular shaped slab that forms the base of this iron. The double layered sole plate smoothly drifts along the cloth to ensure efficient ironing. The non-stick coating also prevents the sole plate from sticking to the clothes’ fabric and prevents it from damage.

    3. Cord winder- This iron has a cord winder for the safety of the electric wire. It prevents the cord from getting entangled, twisted and damaged. The cord winder also allows easy storage of wires and cords.

    4. Pilot light is easily visible- The Pilot light indicator on the handle of this iron helps you comprehend whether the iron has heated up or not. Once it switches off, it is an indication that the iron has reached its highest point of heating. Thereafter, it begins to cool down.

    5. 360 swivel cord for flexibility- This Havells dry iron features a 360-degree swivel cord that offers flexibility as you manoeuvre the iron along the cloth. It reduces the effort you put in ironing and makes the act unchallenging.

    6. Temperature control dial- The temperature control dial is essential for regulating the amount of heat you require while ironing. This iron comes with a dial that has a fine grip and helps you control the temperature effortlessly.

    7. Aerodynamic design- The aerodynamic design of this dry iron by Havells helps the user to glide along the fabric with ease. Apart from the smooth functioning, it also gives the iron an attractive look.

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