• iBall WinTop V3.0 is an elegant and sturdy desk set with soft-feel and water-resistant keys.

  • One-touch access to frequently used functions.

  • Style36 designer Blue Eye Optical Mouse completes the other half of this winsome deskset.

  • WINTOP is the winner at the top of its game. 

  • Extra-large Enter and Spacebar, and keys which are membrane coated for greater durability, the keyboard spells comfort from the get-go. 

iBall Wintop Soft Key Keyboard and Mouse Combo with Water Resistant Design, Blac

  • 1) The iBall Wintop Soft Key keyboard has a spill-resistant build design that intends accidental fluid spilled will not harm the keyboard under limited conditions.

    2) The soft-touch keys on iBall Wintop ensure a smooth and noiseless typing experience.

    3) This rich, sleek keyboard features comfortably spaced keys and one-touch access to frequently used functions.

    4) Its visually striking keycaps offer dynamic texture for maximum control and enhanced feel. The iBall Wintop also comes with an additional, special key for the Indian rupee symbol.


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