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  • Omron Blood Pressure HEM-7120-IN is a compact and fully automatic blood pressure monitor that works on the oscillometric principle to measure your blood pressure and pulse rate without fuss. 

  • Checking your blood pressure at home is essential to preventing heart disease and strokes. Our goal is to make sure our blood pressure monitors are portable and easy to use. Most importantly, they’re recommended by doctors for providing accurate results. Omron Blood Pressure HEM-7120-IN is designed to measure the blood pressure and pulse rate simply and quickly. 

  • The device uses its advanced "IntelliSense" technology for comfortable and controlled inflation without the need for pressure pre-setting or re-inflation.

  • Please read the Important Safety Information in the instruction manual before using the unit.



1) These BP Monitors come with a Medium Cuff i.e 22 to 32 cm arm circumference. If your arm circumference is more you will have to buy a wide cuff i.e 22 to 42 cm arm circumference separately. 


2) The method of taking the measurement is different (Oscillometric method), so should not be compared to doctor readings(mercury BPM) 


3) In required to take repeated measurements than 3 measurements should be taken with a gap of 10 minutes.


4) In case of error's please refer to the instruction Manual.


5) In case of any issue with the product, kindly contact Omron at 1800- 419-0492.

Omron HEM 7120 Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor With Intellisense

  • 1) OMRON HEM-7120 is a compact blood pressure monitor that works on the Oscillometric Principle to measure your blood pressure and pulse rate without fuss.

    2) OMRON HEM-7120 Blood Pressure Monitor is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor featured with enhanced Intellisense technology to deliver precise measurements with ease of use.

    3) This BP machine is outlined with Simple One-Touch Operation, the instrument measures systolic, diastolic pressure, and heartbeat rhythm accurately.

    4) An irregular pulse is a heartbeat rhythm that varies by more than 25% of the average heartbeat.

    5) OMRON BP machine records the last measurement in its memory thereby relieving the user from the hassle of manually recording their previous measurement.

    6) This BP device is featured with IntelliSense technology, it delivers accurate measurement with comfort and ease of use. IntelliSense is an exclusive technology that monitors the blood pressure machine to inflate and deflate at the optimum level for each user.

    7) If your systolic or diastolic pressure is outside the standard range, the heartbeat symbol will blink on the Blood pressure measuring device when the measurement result is displayed.

    8) Digital BP machine has an easy one-touch operation which detects accurate and reliable blood pressure measurement.

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