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  • Rozia 24 pieces of professional makeup brush set to let you feel confident at all times when you use these brushes. 

  • Finally, there are no more streaky lines and no more picking out loose bristles on your face.

  • This deluxe makeup brush set features almost each and every makeup brush you'd ever need for professional makeup application

  • Sturdy wooden handle for a comfortable grip, Portable  leather case with compartments for all brushes

  • These brushes are the best because our brushes are made with super soft fibbers that don't penetrate or irritate your skin.

  • Also, bristles do not fall out during the makeup application process.

  • Save your sanity, counter space, and look fabulous sooner with Rozia 24 pieces professional makeup brush set.

  •  It might sound for us like a one-sided lover, but here at Rozia, we are trying to offer personal care products so that we can join hands with the lives of millions of people in a more natural way.

Rozia 24pcs Makeup Brush Set, 24 Professional Makeup Brushes Kit Wooden Handle

  • Why Should Buy Them?


    This set of 24 makeup brushes is a must-buy for all, truly a value for money product. This product quality is so premium, It's wooden handle gave extra premium look Brussels also soft. Truly it's build quality is very nice and well organized with a leather case, the case leather also so good and gave a professional look. All the brushes and the pouch is of excellent quality and really long-lasting, overall a fantastic product.




    • Brushes are very soft.
    • It's wooden handle gave extra primium look .
    • Easy to carry any where.

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