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  • Zeiss Lens Cleaner for Glasses Camera Laptops Cellphones.
  • With MicroFiber Cloth-30ml (1 Pack) Zeiss-1-30ml.
  • Suitable for all-optical surfaces, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, mobiles,  cameras.
  • Specially formulated to gently dissolve grease and lift off the dirt to leave a streak-free finish.
  • For best results use in combination with a clean microfiber cloth

Zeiss Lens Cleaner for Glasses Camera Laptops Cellphones With Microfiber Cloth

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  • Cleaning solutions for glasses

    Gentle, easy, effective

    It's always annoying to have dirty lenses. Thanks to their CleanCoat properties, modern lens coatings such as DuraVision® Platinum and Silver lay the foundation for easy cleaning and help protect the lens. However, there is simply no way around regular cleaning which should be as gentle, easy and effective as possible. For this reason, ZEISS provides an entire line of lens cleaning solutions that are gentle on the lens coating and easy to use: ZEISS lens wipes for quick cleaning on the go, ZEISS lens spray for in-depth cleaning and ZEISS microfibre cloth for in-depth, wet cleaning with a spray or dry.

    How you benefit

    Lens cleaning whenever, wherever

    • Optimal protection and care not just for high-quality spectacle lenses.
    • Prevent microscopic scratches that are initially invisible but gradually impair vision.
    • Gentle cleaning without damaging the lens coating.
    • Product solutions for fast cleaning on the go, as well as in-depth cleaning.
    • Ease of use.
    • Not just for glasses: ZEISS lens wipes can also be used to clean all types of sensitive optical surfaces (e.g. LCD displays, smartphones, tablet PCs, laptops, mobile phones, etc.) easily and without streaks.


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